Monday, June 24, 2013

Foundation Degree Contemporary Art Practice - Class of 2013's Final Exhibition

Foundation Degree Contemporary Art Practice - Class of 2013's Final Exhibition

Friday the 21st June was the private view night were the foundation degree contemporary art practice class of 2013 got the opportunity to show what we have been working toward over the past two years to a group of invited guests and family. 
This years show in particular shows the wide range of different specialist areas that the contemporary art practice allows students to explore. Our show features student that work within Fine art,Textiles,Fashion,Jewelry making, 3D works, and event planning
 Here is a few images of most of the exhibition spaces taken on the private view night. 

Laura Cunningham

 Melissa Condliffe
 Vicky Shirley 

Sylvia Baddeley
 Helen Clarke
 Alex Wise
 Hannah Cottrell
Richard Turner
Rebecca Jackson

 David Taylor
 Louise Fraser 

Katy Boden
 Storm Spencer-Lindop 
Chantelle Tyler
Cassie Bedson
Jessica Lawson 
Frances Massey
More Updates Coming soon!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Exhibition dates and times

Come and have a look at our exhibition.

Exhibition dates - 

Saturday 22nd June 10-4 
Monday- Thursday 10-8
Friday 10am closing at 4pm 
At Newcastle under Lyme college.

 We've all worked really hard to put up an amazing show so we hope to see you all there.  
 Take a look at the artists Facebook, blog and Instagram pages for more updates.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


after 15 hard working weeks we have now handed in our final major projects for our foundation degree contemporary art practice but the class is still continuing with the fundraising and organisation of our exhibition in which we will be starting to put up on Tuesday 11th June.

 The fundraising sub group Melissa, Chantelle, Sylvia, Amy and Becky have all come up with a plan to sell raffle tickets at 50p a line to 20p a ticket in order to raise more funds for the show, the raffle will take place on the 11th June when the group is back in university and we can add to the exhibition fund. 

Thanks to the generosity of the New Vic theatre and Gladstone museum (see links below) we have been able to gather a great selection of prizes for the raffle as well as prized donated by members of the group. 

Exhibition updates coming soon...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jessica Lawson - 1950's Pin Up

Check out Jess's Pinterest Board's to see more of her inspiration for her 1950s photo shoot

Vicky Shirley

Check out Vicky's Tumblr page to view more image of her work and inspirational images